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Brazil Dutra

Fazenda Dutra is a family-run farm owned and operated by Ednilson and Walter Dutra—brothers and great friends. They have been coffee producers all their lives—their father started the farm with 1 hectare, buying a second and third hectare from the farm’s profits until he had grown his land to 500 total hectares. The different lots in Fazenda Dutra represent the original names of the individual farms that Don Dutra absorbed into his property.

The brothers have been growing their operations year by year, and have won a number of national competitions including Cup of Excellence.

They use Solar Energy to run depulpers and the mechanical dryers are next on the agenda for this clean energy conversion. The estate also boasts near 750 acres of native forest to protect water sources and create natural barriers to protect the coffee trees from wind and erosion.

The Dutra family also takes their role as employer very seriously with big investments in a school located at the estate and a health care program for employees and their families.

This lot is a variety selection of Oerias, a cultivar developed by the Universidade Federal de VIçosa and meant to have a great cup while also retaining some climate resilience and disease resistance without using pesticides.   

Pulped Natural Process

Fruit Removal: The skin of the fruit is typically removed within 24 hours of harvest; mucilage is left intact on the seed
Fermentation: After skin removal, the mucilage-covered coffee is moved to a drying surface, where it will ferment as it is exposed to air and microorganisms until it reaches an inhospitable moisture content for them (11% moisture)
Drying Time: 10–15 days on average, typically on patios
Profile: Pulpy fruit, nutty characteristics, citric acid, chocolate/caramel, syrupy or creamy body, medium-low acidity but often noticeably fruity flavour.

Origin: Brazil 

Region/area: São João do Manhuaçu, Minas Gerais

Varieties: Oeiras

Process: Pulped Natural

Drying method: Sun dried on patios

Altitude: 1000 – 1300

Growing area: Mountains 

In the Cup: the coffee is Complex, rich, juicy, caramel, sugarcane juice, apricot, cooked fruit, nice acidity.

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