HONDURAS Nelson Rene Ramírez
Brown Sugar/ Black Cherry /Plum / Almond / Fudge /Sweet





HONDURAS  Nelson Rene Ramírez Rosa

As a 3rd generation of coffee producers in his family,  Nelson always helped his father and his grandfather on their farms. After 4 years at University he  graduated in agronomy and after getting an experience in food industry he did buy a coffee farm himself.

Immediately  that year he worked to rejuvenate the plants and started to produce coffee.

Year after , in 2009, he prepared the first micro-lot, thank Angel Paz of San Vicente Mil, and could sell it as specialty coffee.


Type of Drying: * Solar
Type of milling: * Wet
Type of water source for milling: River


The cherries are  harvest as Red Grape and optimal cutting point. De-pulped every day after picking, then, the parchment is put into fermentation tanks where it is dry fermented for 22 hours. After, the parchment is rinsed into the tank with a lot of water four times. Next, the parchment is pre-dried on the concrete floor for 2 days and then is taken to the parabolic solar dryer for around 14 days, during the dryer the parchment is sorted by hand to remove defective beans.

Constantly Improving the variety of coffee through the fermentation process he did achieve Cup Of  Excellence award a few times.

Harvest: Red Grape, optimal cutting point
Wet mill: Fermentation pits
Drying process: Solar dryer


Origin/Farm: Honduras /  Andros

Varieties: Pacas, Parainema, Catuai

Process: 48 Hours Fermented, Fully washed & sun-dried or dried in guardiolas

Altitude: 1550 metres above sea level

Owner: Nelson Rene Ramírez Rosa


In the Cup: Brown Sugar, Black Cherry ,Plum , Almond , Fudge ,Sweet , pleasant creamy aftertaste 


Additional information

Weight N/A
Bag size

250 g, 500 g, 1 kg


Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter, Whole beans


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Brown Sugar/ Black Cherry /Plum / Almond / Fudge /Sweet

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