Hario V60 Range Server Clear 600ml



The V60 flexible coffee style allows the brewer to manually produce delicious coffee to the brewers preference. The process takes roughly about 3 minutes but if you brew quicker you will alternate the coffee finish. So, experiment and enjoy.



Hario V60 Range Server Clear 600ml

If you prefer to make a pot of coffee, then the V60 Range Server is just what you need. Made from durable and lightweight heat-proof glass, the server complements the shape of the iconic V60 dripper, and is compatible with all Hario drippers. The V60 Range Server will ensure great thermal stability – with a rubber insert lid to help retain the heat. It is also microwave-safe and is extremely easy to use and clean. All in all, the V60 server offers great heat retention and a stylish way to serve coffee.

Hario V60 Range Server special features:

  • Borosilicate heat-proof glass
  • Dishwasher and Microwave-friendly
  • Compatible with Hario V6o Drippers
  • 4 cup (600ml) capacity



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