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Candy/ Peach / Mango / Cherry / Cocoa




NATURAL  PROCESSED Brazil  Red Catuai scoring 87 points

A History based on coffee science and innovation.

Hard work and many studies are the base for the Pereira family to produce specialty coffee in recent years. Thanks to technology and innovation, the Pereira family is growing year after year to get high quality in accordance with the most valued asset in their property: the environment and their terroir.

Coffee started with Enivaldo and Denise in 1998 at Fazenda Cruzeiro, where nowadays they have 60 hectares of coffee plantation. In the beginning, the idea was to sell coffee seeds and seedlings. Their legacy of being Brazil’s 4th most extensive coffee nursery began simply like that. Two years later, they acquired other areas (today, they have three farms in total with 280 hectares of coffee) and started a real coffee plantation.

Pereira Group was born with two different businesses: planting coffee crops and producing coffee seedlings.
When the children Eduardo and Roberta joined the business, specialty coffee became a priority. Both are Agronomy Engineers and started focusing on soil nutrition, improving harvest and post-harvest processes. It didn’t take too long before the family began collecting awards in regional and national coffee quality awards.

As soon as the proud father Enivaldo saw this business expansion with his children, he gave them space to focus on cultivar experiments and research. He started with all the knowledge he got from his nursery and tried experiments in 9 different experimental fields in their properties.

Nowadays, he has 132 different cultivars planted for diversity and research.

Focusing on the reforestation of the region, Pereira Group has a nursery with more than 10
thousand different local Cerrado Mineiro plants.
40% of native forest is preserved.

More than 130 cultivars are cultivated for production and research, and Mr. Enivaldo Pereira is respected in the market as a great connoisseur of coffee varieties. Nine different experimental fields are cultivated in their properties, and a “museum cultivar garden” has been cultivated since 1999 to trace eventual variations with the plants.

Women in coffee are a priority within Pereira Group since Denise and Roberta (mother and daughter) are part of the decision-making in the business. “Actually, they are the real bosses”, states Eduardo Pereira


While the Brazilian legislation states that every rural property in the Cerrado biome must keep a minimum of 20% of native forest, Pereira Group keeps 40% and decided to keep reforesting their properties.

Beyond that, they are working to convince their neighbours to do the same. For this reason, they have a nursery and seedlings of native plants, trees and flowers of the Cerrado Mineiro region.


Country: Brazil

Region : Cerrado Mineiro

Farm: Cachoeira

Variety: Red Catuai

Altitude: 1000m

Process: Natural

In the Cup: Candy, Liquor , Ripe Peach, Mango, Molasses , Beautifully Balanced with nice citrus acidity and a long lasting mouthfeel                                                  

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